Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surprise, Surprise!

As my first posting, I just want to explain the purpose of this... or at least what I plan the purpose to be.  I want to be able to chronicle exactly what I am going through throughout this whole pregnancy and be able to look back on it later.  I'm hoping to post things I'm going through and remedies that I've found, or good deals I've found on baby stuff or just tips in general as I come along them.  Probably some recipes too, since I love cooking.

I'm a huge journalist.  I love to keep track of everything, which I'm sure everyone hates around me!  I will be as honest as I can in this blog... actually, probably too honest for my own good, but that's me!  So, to start off on how I found out....

I was late.  I'm sure that's how most start off, but yeah, late on my period.  Going on two weeks, to be exact.  But I didn't think much of it.  I just thought I was getting older and things change... there was just no way I could be pregnant.  No way.  In fact, I had always had a feeling I could never have a baby, but I went and bought a cheap HEB brand test anyway during my lunch from work... and I just couldn't wait.  Oh, did I mention I'm impatient too?  When I got back to work, I went to the restroom and took it.  Haha, yes, at work!

This was a plus sign or negative sign test.  So, the plus part that goes up and down came out super clear, but the minus part was faded.  I was in shock, but it wasn't completely clear, I wasn't sure about it.  Right after work, I stopped by CVS and got the digital test that either said Pregnant or Not Pregnant.  Can't mess that up, right?

On a side note, YEARS ago when I had seen the commercial advertising the 'easy to read' tests I had made fun of them... I was like, how hard can it really be to know what a plus sign is?!  So, I was wrong...

I took the first digital one at home and it came out as pregnant.  I just kinda sat there... still in disbelief.  I was waiting for my boyfriend, Eric, to come home to tell him... I needed to tell someone.  He called me on his way home, but he was bringing his dad with him.  Well, as soon as he got home he went to the bedroom and I sat on the bed and told him I took a test.  He asked how it came out and I told him.  He just stood there looking at me and said he was happy.  Happy?  What???  How so??  This wasn't planned... and Eric already has two kids.

He hugged me and told me not to worry.  But I was still in disbelief.  So later that night, I took another test in the packet and gave it to Eric right away.  As he sat there starting at it blink, thinking, it finally showed up Pregnant again.  Ok... so three tests have pretty much confirmed it.

But not for Candice!  During lunch the about three days later I bought more digital tests from HEB instead.  You guessed it, those both came out Pregnant again.

So, here I am, eight weeks pregnant with a baby in my belly!  Due to arrive in January 2012!

BTW, my birthday is January 16th... this baby is going to overshadow my birthday!