Friday, December 2, 2011

Cameron's Stocking

Hi, Everyone,

As everyone knows, Eric and I lost our baby boy Cameron on September 1, 2011.  His original due date was January 8th, 2012, but he came four months early, without a breath.  I knew these upcoming holidays were going to be hard on me because I would be without Cameron in my tummy or in life.  This would have been Cameron's first Christmas… and our first Christmas to celebrate a brand new baby in our immediate family.  Eric and my first baby. 

I still want to be able to honor him and do something for him.  Although I can't shower him with gifts in the physical world, I know he is watching down on us and I want him to know that all of us our thinking of him. 

So, I am asking all my friends and family to please give Cameron a Christmas gift of kindness.  In memory of him, try to do a random act of kindness to someone.  And when you do, please write down what you did and send it to me by e-mail or mail or however you'd like.  Without reading them, I'll print them all out and put them in his stocking and open them on Christmas day.  This way Cameron could have a Christmas gift, as well.  I'd like to spread the heart of Cameron around and do good deeds in his name.  I want to make other people happy in his name.

So, please join us in spreading some cheer around in Cameron's memory.  I still think about him every single minute of ever single day and can't imagine that changing... he is my little boy.  It doesn't have to be a huge random thing, any small spread of joy will make a huge difference.  You never realize how much a small act of kindness can bring a smile to someone's face when it may only take a second of your time.  And to have a purpose behind it, which is Cameron, will mean the world to us.  I've attached some ideas just to get the wheels turning.  

I look forward to stuffing Cameron's stocking with all your good deeds!  


Cameron's Mom

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