Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Else?

It's been about five days since my beloved cat, Puffins Celeste, has gone missing.  What else can go wrong? 

I received Puffins as a gift when I was 16 and since then, she was my world.  I even put her name on my class ring in high school!  I took her for my senior pictures also and have just adored her.  She was my baby for the last 12 years.  On Friday I was told that she hadn't been home... I was worried, but not too worried.  She's done this before.  But then there were rainstorms and it's been cooler than usual... anything lower than 75 degrees and she thinks it's cold. That's when I got worried.

Eric and I went around the neighborhood calling her and looking for her. I was glad I didn't see her in the middle of the street or something... so at least I knew she wasn't run over or anything... but then again, I couldn't find her at all.  My mom was saying that she thinks she also lives at another house and maybe she was there.  All I can hope is that maybe that's still a possibility...

And then Monday night, I had a dream that Puffins was in the washroom on the table snuggling with Cameron's stuffed dinosaur.  I woke up thinking that maybe that was showing me that she was with Cameron in heaven.  And all I could think of was why???  Cameron was already taken from me too soon, so why take Puffins now?!  But maybe she's with Cameron... so Cameron can take care of her while they're waiting for me... I hope not.  I didn't want Cameron to go so quickly... and I didn't want Puffins to go now.  Not yet. 

Two weeks ago my parents went to Cabo and I stayed at their home.  Puffins was in bed with me the whole time and I got to cuddle with her and hear her purr like I used to.  I was so glad I got to do that with her recently since I hadn't in such a long time.  Eric even noticed and Puffins was just loving it.  When I woke up the next morning too, she was already waiting for me and jumped right on the bed.  Puffins, I hope you're okay... I'm praying for you all the time too that you'll return safely home.  I miss you... if not, I hope you didn't suffer... and I hope you're now with my baby, so both my babies are together and my Cameron has my most beloved cat of all.  Puffins can show Cameron how much love his mommy can give.

I'm not saying bye to her just yet... I still have hope and please send out good thoughts.  I didn't want my baby Cameron to be gone, he wasn't supposed to be.  So, please don't take Puffins right now... this year is just not going well...

BTW, I went to the doctor today and so far all the tests have come out negative... good and bad.  I want to know what caused my sons death, but then again, if everything is negative so far, that means that it most likely is a chromosome problem, which means this is extremely unlikely to ever happen again.  It was just a fluke of nature than... Nature is cruel.

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  1. I am so sorry. Praying that Puffins returns home to you. I am Debby from For Your Tears.
    My everyday blog is Just Breathe. ((HUGS))